Welcome to the First Day of the Rest of Your Life!

You're here because you're done living your life on near automatic. This is for you if you seek greater meaning and an avenue back to your Heart, Soul and Purpose...

medical gifted empath

Hi, I'm Sharon Thomas, welcome!

As a Transformational Thought Leader and Medical Gifted Empath WITH OVER 34 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE
My intent is to...

Work personally and individually with Women in mid to later life transition...

Who have lived the life they were reinforced to live, yet finding themselves uncertain, lost or not clear on what is next for them… realizing they have lived their life nearly on automatic, until now… and they seek greater meaning and an avenue back to their Heart, Soul and Purpose.

I'm doing this with the help of my Sacred Reset Techniquewhich is part of my holistic Sacred Reset System.

When sound frequencies are optimized to the vibration of their original calibration, prior to our traumas, we draw to us in every moment that which is aligned for Self Healing.

This leads to...

Freshness of Soul and Hope of Spirit

From which Right Action becomes more clear and available. Each women is an individual. The issues that a woman faces are unique, deep and quite often unconscious.

My Sacred Reset System works individually, to clarify, uncover and transform that which no longer serves a woman in the now.

It is simple, easy, natural and non-invasive.

It is often amazingly refreshing and leaves a woman with great relief, hope and energy to transform and be in joy.

If you are a woman...

In her mid to later period of life...

You may have gotten married (or not), raised a family, worked in a career, been an active community member and more…   

Now you find the activities that gave you the greatest satisfaction may no longer be available to you and you notice that when you are alone, without their distraction, you wonder what it was all for… 

You find yourself feeling a sense of loss, emptiness or lack of fulfillment.  

You have put your heart and soul into your whole life yet now you see that what you don’t have, after all of it… is the deep joy, self-love and fulfillment in your Heart and Purpose… 

When you are raw, naked to your Soul and having to truly face yourself from the inside out, “Sacred Reset” could be the direction for you!

This is the first day

Of the rest of your life!

A life of Soul connection within Yourself, a clear vision of the passion that has been deep inside you and the clarity and enthusiasm of what is to come for you.

To live your life on purpose, for yourSelf and in the way that is wide open and filled with deep satisfaction, love from within and the unmistakable Knowingness of Who You Are and What You Are Really Placed Upon This Earth For…

Self Love and Self Expression leading to Joy, Laughter, Loving YourSelf and Bringing Your Unique Purpose into this World.

If you can relate to some or all of the above, then you are very likely a distinct candidate for the offering that I am equipped to share with you… Deep Transformations leading to Relief, Clarity, Purpose and Love of yourSelf!

Sacred Reset Book

Coming Soon...

My Sacred Reset Book!

Get the Key to Align your Heart as the Doorway to Your Soul! 

Get on my notification list and be the first to get a notice when my book launches. You’ll also receive my (weekly) email tips about Resetting Your Life and Reconnecting with Your Soul.

Yes please!

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