The Thing About Destiny

To continue from my last blog… let me share with you more about my journey of unfoldment as a Medical Gifted Empath… In my growing up years… I was just realizing I might have something special that I could do that helped others be better, whether it was emotionally, mentally, spiritually or physically. 

It was a time that I was just becoming attuned to and accustomed to ‘listening’ to my inner self… my heart and soul which ultimately began to extend into my early adulthood. 

Let me clarify…

In this world, despite having ways to help people on a quiet and subtle level, we all have to eat… to have a place to lay our head, to make our way in the physical world… to survive.

I was no different in my thinking when starting out in life… I knew I wanted to help people… I call it now, service to humanity… which I actually have concluded is my true destiny.

But to follow your destiny, which I see as a simple calling or concept, I realize a person needs to be open to the journey more than the destination.

So in order to make a living and survive in the world, I picked teaching, which goes along with the concept of service to humanity, in my eyes… and looking back, I realize it was part of my journey to a destination I’m still evolving into …just like everybody else…. and while I’m keeping to my destiny… which is service to others… the ride has been quite fascinating.

Anyone out there able to look back on their life and see a pattern that might be able to be pointed to as their ‘destiny’ or something close to that?

Once I graduated from college with a Bachelor’s degree in teaching Home Economics (a field that hardly even exists anymore in the schools) I found fulfillment in helping kids learn to take care of themselves, nourish and keep themselves in reasonable balance… I did that for about 7 years.  I felt purposeful in helping those kids … but in my heart I began to feel another subtle calling to take another road.

By that time my mother had died of a condition the medical profession had no clue how to treat.  This was unbelievable to me at that time… I was only 24 and my mother was gone! Just gone! 

It put me into a more contemplative state, probably one that might not have been typical for my age.  I began to think if only I would have know what to do holistically to help my mother, maybe she could have recovered and lived.  I ran into the concept of meditation and how it can relieve stress and reverse aging better than even sleep.  It called to me so I began to meditate… and I liked how restful it made me feel. 

Meditation led me to become interested in a field called Ayurveda, which is a holistic health system based in ancient India, maybe 6000 years ago.  It just spoke to me… it seemed like a glorified and much more healthy study than our western home economics for keeping us eating right and healthy. 

I got very holistic thinking, especially when I saw how modern medicine failed to help my mother, resulting in her death.

So my next road became a holistic study and learning to go deeper within myself through meditation and assisting others in purification procedures and massages that helped them be in better health and wellbeing…  I did this work for 7 years before the Ayurvedic Medical Center closed their doors at that time.

I would probably still be working there had that not happened… It was great fulfillment working there helping others in that way. But nature had a different idea for my next segment of my journey.

Did you notice, too, that the last two major portions in my life each lasted 7 years! 

This became obvious to me and while I know there is something sacred in nature about the number7, I didn’t exactly realize I was in a sacred pattern of unfolding my destiny that would end up accumulating incrementally, the healing tools that I have developed today, which allows me to practice as a Medical Gifted Empath!

How have you been unfolding on your journey? Have you seen patterns that give you glimpses into your calling or destiny? 

Let me know some of your experiences of realizing what your Divine calling might be.

Thank for checking out my blog!  More next time…



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