What’s with the 7 Year Cycles?

Welcome back!  More on the journey of my destiny and ultimately how it brought me to where I am today, as a Medical Gifted Empath…. tuning in and helping people in ways that are meaningful and health oriented.

Continuing from my last blog… so when the clinic closed, my husband and I were interviewed by an Ayurvedic herbal company who was hiring and planning to build a facility in Colorado.  

We got hired and were moved to Colorado to work at that new facility….

In the meantime I began further training in massage therapy and my practice began to surge. While my husband continued to work with the herbal company, I broke off and started my own massage therapy practice.

What began to happen next was as much of a surprise to me as anyone else! 

I began to see the emotional color field… of course I didn’t know what it was at the time… I even thought maybe I should ignore it because it seemed so odd to be seeing something so uncommon and even a bit scary.

Little did I know that I was being shown how to better tune in to people so that I could assist them to heal at much deeper levels. 

At that time I also began to create intonation sounds with my voice…. I felt a sensation on a precise place in my vocal cords and was inspired to make a sound from that place.

What came out was amazing! 

The sound was so beautiful and my patients commented on how it helped their pain go away… I was taken back!  What I realized, after a while, that I was being show by the Divine, how to tune in and use subtle levels of existence to further help in the healing of others! 

I was able to produce the exact musical note and sound frequency harmonic that the person needed to recalibrate their own traumatic frequency… the result was neutrality of the deviated frequency and therefore the allowance of healing! 

This unfoldment went on over a period of another 7 years…

I was able to put all that I perceived and learned through what I term ‘self referral’ (tuning inside myself and ‘listening’ to the subtle messages and applying them to assist others in their healing). This is the way of the Empath… and through working directly with ‘the energetics of’ people and their bodies through massage, I was able to direct the very sensitivities that clearly surfaced in my awareness from a very early age, into a purposeful direction as a Medical Gifted Empath!

Fast forward… I next began to be drawn to an advanced form of Massage called Medical Massage.  I had been frustrated that I couldn’t help people in chronic pain more with the limited training I had in massage school.

I decided to devote to developing an effective method that would help people with chronic pain break their pain patterns and keep them from resurfacing though maintenance… and it became very effective and successful for those with chronic pain!

That period of purely focusing on the body and how to correct pain patterns took… you guessed it!  7 years!

So the cycle of 7 surfaced once again… and I began to learn to trust that every 7 years I’d get a greater insight of how to better serve humanity…my destiny, my calling… showing up as a journey and not necessarily a distinct destination.

For the following three cycles of 7 years I had been drawn to combine what I learned of energy patterns in the cycle before last with the knowledge of the body of the last cycle with Medical Massage.  So for 21 years I learned the energy and body very keenly as a Medical Gifted Empath.

And now… now is a very brand new and different cycle! I am currently in this cycle which is one of bringing out all I’ve learned to others and helping humanity become more conscious and willing to self heal.

I am being shown to do this in this cycle through writing, teaching and speaking. Today I’m here as both a Medical Gifted Empath and a Transformational Thought Leader! This new unfoldment is one that now makes perfect sense in how I’ve accumulated so much to share with humanity… yet it is a big shift from my previous 7 year cycles… but one that I embrace and am happy to extend the benefits of with those of you who are ready for more…. more clarity…  more certainly, more direction, more acceptance and flow of what is next for you!

Tell me… do you know your destiny, your calling? 

What makes you know… what makes you wonder, if you’re not sure?  Let me know your thoughts and feelings…

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Until the next time.

Many blessings.


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