Welcome to My First Blog

Welcome to my first Blog! Today I’d like to lend a bit of interest as to how I realized my gift of Medical Gifted Empath and how, today, it allows me to help assist others in a variety of ways to heal…

As young as a child I remember feeling ultra sensitive to others around me…

By that I mean I just simply felt what they were feeling… but I didn’t recognize that’s what was happening in the beginning. In the beginning I thought all the feelings I felt when I was in a room of people belonged to me only!

I wonder how many of you have had similar experiences of being sensitive? 

For me it was so overwhelming sometimes that I simply wept a lot as a child…Of course I got teased by my ‘big’ brother… a lot! I got called a ‘cry baby’ quite a bit… which didn’t really help matters much.

I was already quite sensitive… some even said that I ‘wore my heart on my sleeve’. It was all so overwhelming and confusing… that is until I got a little older.

When I got older I began to realize that much of what I had been feeling was me, empathically picking up on others ‘sensitivities’.

This realization was a big relief to me but I still needed to navigate through by learning how to separate who I was, from me feeling the sensitivities of others…. not an easy task, I assure you!

When I was finally able to make that distinction, that is when I realized I could make some good out of the situation by tuning in to ways that ended up helping others.

I began to anticipate their sadness and find ways to redirect them into seeing life in a brighter way. 

I realized that out of my hands came heat and when I placed them upon my mother’s sore legs, her legs felt a lot better.  It were things like these that were the beginnings of me realizing the gift I had been given to help humanity on this planet.

My understanding is there is between 1 and 5% of us that are gifted as healers…. I wonder how many more than that there are that really just don’t talk much about it…  or maybe even those whose subtle gifts go unrecognized or unnoticed even.

Tell me your experience with gifts of healing and how it shows up for you…even if you don’t use it for specific healing.

What are some experiences you might have had that makes you realize you have a gift of healing?? 

Are you doing anything to bring it out more…. if so what?

Thanks for your interest and comments on this blog.

I look forward to sharing more with you soon!

Enjoy your day!


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