Completely changing the topic, What’s with the Blue Hair??

Being a Baby Boomer and having given birth for the only time in my early 40’s, it put me into the quizzical world of raising a Millennial.

With that said, I’ve had my share of head scratching in wonder as I’ve navigated unknown territory, in a youth world that included, but wasn’t limited to, experiencing what I would describe as the somewhat ‘interesting’ phenomenon; especially that of the dyeing of the hair ‘Blue’!

While plenty of my child’s friends did partake, my child didn’t, yet I’m sure if she had it would certainly have been Ariel ‘red’, as that was her absolute favorite Disney passion!

That is not to disregard the other vibrant colors that are also commonly seen on the top of heads in this youth culture (and notably all age ranges, to be fair) but for reasons I can’t even explain, it’s the BLUE that has me the most introspective.

Given, in my own period of youth, in the 60’s and 70’s, I can remember the parents being equally in the dark about the behaviors of the subculture of the time…. namely Hippies.

Maybe some here can recall …It was a time when there was clear defiance of parental authority and college officials. When the common denominator was growing long hair, wearing bell bottom jeans and tie dyed T-shirts, living in communes, using mind altering drugs, relishing in hard rock music and engaging in casual sex.

In certain ways is there really a difference between our youthful defiance of yesteryear and that of the attempt of the youth of today to stand apart??

Think of it…. In the mass of humanity… and suddenly out of the crowd stands a crop of hair that is vibrant, outstanding, unmistakable, undeniable and TRUE as TRUE, the color BLUE!… (or green, red, orange, purple!)

I wonder, now where does that kind of choosing stem from? In the days of ‘old’, blue hair was considered more of a mistake. It was an overkill attempt to create a nice silver out of a dirty stale yellow due to over dyeing. But today, it is done in conscious attempt…in other words, on purpose!

So I simply had to know the why of this behavior, and here is what I’ve found out…

It seems to be motivated by, but in no way limited to the following:

  1. To stand out, demonstrate independence, take a risk, be rebellious
  2. Fitting in with a preferred style of expression and allowing a sense of acceptance from others in the same or similar subculture
  3. To make one feel like an individual
  4. As an easy conversation starter
  5. To overcome anxiety about being judged; looking at the ‘vibrant’ hair distracts from being looked at directly
  6. As a creative outlet; being artistic
  7. Choosing an outstanding appearance on the outside, as an expression to replace that which can’t be made with verbal expression outwardly

Now, WOW! Maybe all that is more than I wanted to know. But in my heart of hearts my burning desire to find out, just got the best of me!

It really all comes down to common scientific findings that rebellion and individuality are part of the developmental process in youth.

So there really isn’t much I can say, as I was a youth once too!

Looking now from the other side, like that of the parents of my day, gives it just a bit of a different twist. With that, I send the message into the ethers “Sorry if any of my behavior freaked you out, Mom and Dad!”  🙂

In my day, it may have been LONG HAIR when today it seems to be BLUE HAIR!


Thanks for reading my blog and sticking with me on this passion of ‘having to know’! 🙂

Tell me, what is your experience with the current fashion trend of vibrantly colored hair?

What generation do you identify with (Boomer, GenX, Other)? Do you color your hair vibrantly and if so, what color and what is your motivation?

If you or someone you know partakes, describe the effect you’ve noticed it has. 

Do you think this trend is here to stay?

Can you envision a “next trend” of sorts coming and if so, what is your prediction?



Until the next time,

xo Sharon

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