When Things Seem to Get in the Way


By Sharon Thomas

For the longest time my life felt like running on air, living in the sweet moments of grace, feeling supported by nature at nearly every turn and being in the flow. It was like living a little bit of heaven on Earth, really. I had been listening to ‘my call’ for decades and the result, amazing blessings that just kept coming.

Out of the blue, I had my auto accident, having been hit while sitting still at a traffic light.  A while after I began to feel a lot of old demons begin to resurface. The demons were my vulnerabilities; the parts of me that were unsure, timid, prone to give away my power and to not believe in myself; many of which I’d faced long ago, so I thought. It was as though I could feel my vibration spiraling down, down, down; like falling, falling, falling and not feeling I had any control over what was happening.  I didn’t like it!

And because of that I found myself feeling like I was doomed. For quite some time I felt trapped by comparing myself to the ‘me before’ and the ‘me after the accident’. I was miserable.  It took a healer friend of mine to set me straight. She told me, “Sharon, the ‘you’ before the accident is not the ‘you’ now”.  It hit me like a brick. She was right.  I’d been living in the past. I was being called to make an adjustment and one that I wouldn’t have made on my own, had there not been a divine intervention, like the accident, I’m certain.

I realized I’d been distracted with a life that had seemed so charmed and filled with blessings. Unless I got a big ‘kick in the pants’ I would have never made the needed changes that the Universe knew I needed to make in order to continue unfolding to even greater levels on my path. The change was with what was underneath and deep in the caverns of my shadow self.  I was being asked to do some clean up, with the promise of allowing more clarity to shine on my purpose.

Have you, too, found yourself faced with your shadows, sometimes at the most inopportune time?

Since that day I picked myself up and committed to face my demons one by one in the course of my ‘now’.  As they surface I’m allowing myself to be vulnerable and honest with myself and to face the places in me that I thought I’d worked on and moved past. Clearly, the places that surface and are still there simply show there’s more to transform on my, less of a destination, and more of a journey.

Now when it feels like things seem to get in the way of what I’d labeled happiness and flow, I know the more I’m a witness, embrace and shine light of vulnerability upon them, the more I’m making a clearing to living my authentic self and I realize that is where true happiness and purpose really lies.

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